No other form of communication has revolutionized access to the internet like the Smartphone.
Consider these recent findings on Smartphone usage by Google:


79% use it to help with shopping; 70% whilst in store; 54% to find a retailer and 48% to get promotions and coupons. The stats constantly astound and make smart reading for traders and marketers alike.Yet what has to be exploited is the increasing potential of the Smartphone to influence brand loyalty and purchasing decisions in the retail space. The development of mobile apps for iPhone and Android has already provided a wealth of news, information and offers for shoppers on the move.

Now, through the power of Augmented Reality (AR) technology, shoppers can enjoy enhanced shopping experiences. Virtual 3D images and interactive games can be accessed via their mobile phone as they wander along the malls and browse the shops.

iballoon logo

Tomlin Bean has harnessed AR technology to develop a new iPhone app for shoppers at thecentre:mk
in Milton Keynes.

iBalloon adds real fun to shopping. Once downloaded from the App Store onto a device using iOS 5 shoppers will discover virtual balloons floating in the air throughout the shopping centre - invisible to the naked eye.

The virtual balloons can be collected and downloaded on an iPhone and when presented to the retailer can
be redeemed for exclusive offers, rewards and prizes. It’s that simple – and irresistible!

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